Yes! Itu Cinta!

When we meet the right person to love,
When we are in the right place at the time, 
That's the opportunity.
When we meet someone who makes you interested, 
was not an option, it's an opportunity.
Met in an event is not an option, it also is an opportunity.

If we decide to love the person,
Loving with all its shortcomings, was not chance, 
It is a choice.
When you choose to be with someone no matter what happens, 
It is a choice.
Although there are still better than your mate, 
and you still choose to love him, 
That's the choice.

Feelings of love, sympathy, coming as an opportunity for us. 
But true love is a choice.
The choices we do.
"Fate brought us together, but still depends on us how to make it all work"
"Soulmate" might actually exist.
And it is very possible that someone who was created just for you.
But is is up to us to make choices
whether you want to do something to get it, or not ... 
We might have happened to meet our soul mate,
But love and stay with our soul mate,
is the choice we have to do.
Nobody was perfect. 
You are here not to find the perfect person to love, 
BUT to learn to love in a perfect manner.

Pssttt! Lalalalala~

Thanks for reading!